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They Make Calves Look Good

Posted on: August 10, 2007

I am coveting these pair of Jean-Michel Cazabat heels. And that’s all I can ever do because these beauties cost $500. They are just so luscious, it hurts.

My appreciation for high heels comes from my mother. She was my first style icon. My younger years occurred during the Eighties, which means that my early frame of fashion reference is the ubiquitous shoulder pad. Many of my mother’s dresses and suit jackets and blouses were equipped with the shoulder-raising trend made popular by the grand dame bitch of night-time soaps, Alexis Carrington Colby. My mother was also a great seamstress, something that I took for granted when I was younger. As an elementary school-aged child, I didn’t want my mother to make my clothes; I wanted to wear the clothes my friends wore. Little did I know the greatness of wearing a one-of-a-kind outfit, the kind that nowadays will come with the suggestion “For pricing, call 1.800.DESIGNR” in Vogue or Elle. She had the eye for style. She still does. And with that eye, she was able to pick out gorgeous heels, bright in color (I recall a crimson pair of pumps and pair of slingback, peep-toe pumps the color of the sea) and flattering to the leg.

Several years back, she was going through her closet, getting rid of some of her heels. She doesn’t wear them very often these days, only if she’s going out. My cousin and I had to dip our hands in the vintage finds before she gave the rest to the Salvation Army. I took the aforementioned peep-toes, and my cousin (while I was in the kitchen getting something to drink. I just have kept myself planted in that bedroom) snagged a pair of gunmetal gray snakeskin pumps with a side bow embellishment. Sadly, neither shoe fit either of us. The both of us wear size nine (although, depending on the cut of shoe, I could easily wear 8.5), and my mother was a size nine then (now she’s a 9.5), but somehow size nine from 1984 was worlds apart from size nine in 2004. I stubbornly kept the peep-toes. My cousin stubbornly kept the snakeskin pumps.

The shoes stayed in my closet for a couple years, unworn by me, until they finally, truly, had to give up the ghost. They were too tight, and I could do nothing with them. I informed my mother that I was giving the shoes away, and she was unaffected by it. Actually, I think she may have said, “I told you so.” Because, yes, upon seeing that the shoes did not fit–I was like one of the step-sisters in the Brothers Grimm Cinderella, trying so hard to get the shoes on my feet. I did not, however, attempt to hack off my toes to make the shoe fit–my mother tried to convince me to just let her give the shoes away. I wouldn’t allow it. That’s how much I love heels. (I wrote a piece almost a year ago, A High Heel Shoes Retrospective, that gives a brief history of the high heel. In a longer piece that I wrote three years ago, I talked a bit more about why I love high heels (answer: The instant growth spurt they give me).)

So, when I see heels like the Jean-Michel Cazabat pair, I begin envisioning the myriad ways I could pair them with pencil skirts or slacks. They really are a thing of beauty those shoes.


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[…] 28th, 2007 by la fashionista A little over two weeks ago, I wrote about a to-die-for pair of Jean-Michel Cazabat heels. I found a pair, which seems to be inspired by the design of the designer show, on Zappos. […]

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