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And Across the Pond

Posted on: August 17, 2007

British designers are nothing new. However, British designers who happened to be married to an actor who had sex with his children’s nanny may very well be something new. Sienna Miller, working with her sister Savannah, has come up with Twenty8Twelve (Sienna’s birth date). I had a look at some of the pieces. I think they’re okay; not much to write home about, if you ask me (and most especially when you factor in the price tag). However, if her designs are your thing, they will be available for purchase next month in London. And on this side of the pond, the pieces will be pushed in Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. She’s also on the cover of Vogue‘s infamous Fall Fashion September issue.

Moving on to another British designer, there’s Madeleine Press. Her designs are decidedly feminine in their structure. Yet, I can’t get into them. They simply are not my cup of tea. They seem to drape well, but when I think about what I would more than likely purchase, I’m undecided. Or, more to the point, I’m underwhelmed.

I am finding that thus far, I haven’t been able to enjoy several British designers’ clothing–Luella Bartley was the first. Now, I can add Sienna Miller and Madeleine Press to that list. There’s something about each designer’s aesthetic that I’m not drawn to. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly it is that is holding me back. All three of these women have a different point of view, yet those three points of view are unconvincing to me.

On the flip side, however, there are a couple of Australian designers that I absolutely love: Martin Grant and Marie Hatzis. Like Madeleine Press, Grant and Hatzis create very feminine pieces. But, those pieces are punched up with a bit of elegant sensuality, which is what I do respond to. Martin Grant’s Fall/Winter looks were as such:

Martin Grant Ready to Wear Fall 2007

Martin Grant Ready to Wear Fall 2007

Marie Hatzis winter 2007 Madame Marie collection has this dress, for instance
Madame Marie Winter 2007 Collection
$639 (AUD)
and this look

Madame Marie Winter 2007 Collection
$598 (AUD)


2 Responses to "And Across the Pond"

Cool designer… love the charcoal off the shoulder dress

Great blog. I’m just starting my own fashion blog chronicling the latest looks on my college campus. I will continue reading up on your blog, and I absolutely love that off the shoulder dress. With the fitted waist, tights, and heels, it creates a beautiful monochromatic silhouette. Feel free to check my blog out at

It’s just starting out, so nothing too interesting yet. Once school starts, and I can capture campus street style, it will be rockin’! Fashionably yours, JoNae

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