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The Most Wonderful Time

Posted on: December 21, 2007

Elie TahariI’ve always been prone to procrastination. I’m not quite sure why. I do know that I was born one week early, so maybe after that day, I decided, “Maybe I should take things slow?” And, boy, do I! Four days before Christmas, and I have just begun my holiday shopping. Not to worry, though; I finished it all in a matter of hours. And I managed to lavish myself with some gifts in the process. In a previous post, I mentioned that I was looking for boots. I found them! Two pairs! And one of them was for a steal.

I decided to make my way to DSW in Bethesda. I like that store better because it has two levels, which means more inventory. While looking for shoes and/or boots for my sisters, I snooped around looking for things for myself (because what fun is Christmas shopping if you can’t buy yourself a gift?). What I discovered was a pair of kick-ass Elie Tahari knee high bootsMe and my Taharis tucked away on the clearance rack in the size seven section. I wear a size nine. However, knowing how chaotic the clearance section at DSW can be, I took the chance. The boots–design name, Kat– were not a size seven! They weren’t a size nine, either, but rather a ten. I sighed. Then I decided to see what the clearance price was. These boots were $220 and the sticker was yellow. I looked up at one of the many signs that are perched atop the clearance racks, the signs which decode what each color sticker means. There was an explanation about what a red sticker meant; about what a green sticker meant; about what a purple sticker meant; and about what a blue sticker meant. Nothing about a yellow sticker, though. I peeked at the price again, and saw that around the periphery of the sticker was the answer I had been looking for: 80% off. I walked away having paid $44 for designer boots.

Nine West

In addition to those boots, I snagged a pair of Nine West ankle boots for half off. They fit like a glove, and I love the fact that they’re steel gray and suede. Plus, the heel height–three inches–is just right.

At Express, I also bought a pair of wide-leg jeans for 30% off.

Express jeans


Merry Christmas to me!


2 Responses to "The Most Wonderful Time"

miss lady, those tahari boots are superb! such a drool-worthy deal, I’m jealous! lol…merry christmas

It was a stroke of luck that I found those boots. I really like them!

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