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Free People, Military Ruffle Jacket

Free People, $148,

In DC today, it is rainy and cold and gray. A chilly 45-degrees Fahrenheit, to be exact. In Paris, it is 13-degrees Celsius with a light drizzle.  With this much precipitation in the air, it is only right and fair to turn the eye towards outerwear. If you are like me, one who does not like when the temperature dips below 75-degrees Fahrenheit (or 24–degrees Celsius), then right about now you are looking for coats and jackets and gloves to wear to keep the body warm.

Rainy weather always makes me think first of Paris, more than any other city in the world. Yes, even before Seattle. When thoughts of travel to Paris come to mind, I don’t think summer in Paris, but rather Fall or Winter, sometimes even Spring, in Paris. The association with cool (weather) and Paris works for me because S/S Paris Fashion Week consistently occurs in October. And while it makes sense to explore a city when the weather is less frightful, I can only think of being a flâneuse, that quintessential lolly-gagger who, with umbrella in hand, strolls an arrondissement, stopping before glass windows of shops displaying their wares, enticing one to come and have just one of that thing.

Making one’s way around a wet and rainy Paris as the ever-thoughtful flâneuse then leads to thoughts about jackets and other types of outerwear, which leads me to the topic of today’s post: what to wear on those cool, sometimes downright chilly, days and nights.


Two years ago, Balenciaga ushered in the wave of floral dresses with bulbous skirts and cinched waists. Ever the trend-setter, Nicolas Ghesquière has quite likely done it again. If what he created for Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2010 show is any indication, a harder, tougher aesthetic is what we can expect to see on the racks of high-end department stores and smaller, mall stores. Next year promises to be full of  sleek leather and black fabric, a marked contrast from the florals and soft palettes typical of Spring/Summer looks past.

However, to serve as a contrast to the leather jodhpurs and tough hoodies, Ghesquière punched up the look with bits of color and sheer fabric–hard and soft. Ever the forward thinker, the designer also turned his eye to sustainable materials, using fabrics that were organic or recycled. While it may not be that Ghesquière was making a political statement–“Go eco!”–he certainly made a fashion statement, opting to use the fabrics that he did when envisioning his new look.

Be prepared to see the inspired Balenciaga look in a matter of months!

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