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Elie TahariI’ve always been prone to procrastination. I’m not quite sure why. I do know that I was born one week early, so maybe after that day, I decided, “Maybe I should take things slow?” And, boy, do I! Four days before Christmas, and I have just begun my holiday shopping. Not to worry, though; I finished it all in a matter of hours. And I managed to lavish myself with some gifts in the process. In a previous post, I mentioned that I was looking for boots. I found them! Two pairs! And one of them was for a steal.

I decided to make my way to DSW in Bethesda. I like that store better because it has two levels, which means more inventory. While looking for shoes and/or boots for my sisters, I snooped around looking for things for myself (because what fun is Christmas shopping if you can’t buy yourself a gift?). What I discovered was a pair of kick-ass Elie Tahari knee high bootsMe and my Taharis tucked away on the clearance rack in the size seven section. I wear a size nine. However, knowing how chaotic the clearance section at DSW can be, I took the chance. The boots–design name, Kat– were not a size seven! They weren’t a size nine, either, but rather a ten. I sighed. Then I decided to see what the clearance price was. These boots were $220 and the sticker was yellow. I looked up at one of the many signs that are perched atop the clearance racks, the signs which decode what each color sticker means. There was an explanation about what a red sticker meant; about what a green sticker meant; about what a purple sticker meant; and about what a blue sticker meant. Nothing about a yellow sticker, though. I peeked at the price again, and saw that around the periphery of the sticker was the answer I had been looking for: 80% off. I walked away having paid $44 for designer boots.

Nine West

In addition to those boots, I snagged a pair of Nine West ankle boots for half off. They fit like a glove, and I love the fact that they’re steel gray and suede. Plus, the heel height–three inches–is just right.

At Express, I also bought a pair of wide-leg jeans for 30% off.

Express jeans


Merry Christmas to me!


The host of Project Runway (a favorite show of mine) and former supermodel is now the new face of Jordache jeans. She’s featured in sultry ads that have her wearing the jeans and nothing else. You would never believe she’s a mother of three; she’s slim and trim. Her body echos the the silhouettes pushed by the brand. Looking at the website–Chateaus Jordache–I find that there are many slim-cut styles. A cut that doesn’t suit my body, unfortunately. But I’m sure that Jordache will be right for someone out there.

Heidi Klum modeling a pair of Jordache jeans

She just may make Jordache hot again.

There’s one fashion staple that is, unfortunately, hard for me to get right the first time: Jeans. Due the curves of my body, it’s been pretty much impossible for me to find a pair of jeans that fit just right. There’s been the inevitable gapping in the back because my bum and thighs were curvy while my waist, in proportion to said bum and thighs, was smaller. For many years, I simply accepted the fact that I would have to buy jeans one size bigger (to accommodate the rear) and wear a belt. Of course, because I can’t stand belted jeans (I’m more of a wide belt over top kind of gal), I went through the (very intentional) low-rise phase that occurred naturally because my jeans were slightly large.

Not much has changed, most especially because within the past year, I’ve turned into a gym bunny. Excluding these past two weeks, I’ve been in the gym four times a week–Monday nights for yoga; Tuesday evenings on the treadmill and elliptical; Wednesday night for yogalates; and Thursday evenings on the treadmill and elliptical–which has led to a gradual reshaping of my body. My legs, specifically my calves, have become more toned (and I love wearing high heels now more than I did in years past), and my stomach has a bit more definition. Which brings me back to my denim issue. With a smaller waist (and slightly toned thighs), I still find that it’s been difficult to buy jeans. That is until I found Joe’s Jeans in Honey. They have been a blessing! On the tag, it boasts, “The Honey – [n:booty fit].” Yep. That’s right; booty fit. Or, in this case, fashionista fit. The first time I tried them on, it was amazing.

Never (and I’m not being hyperbolic here), but never had I slipped on a pair of jeans that slid right over my thighs and rear and zipped and closed without a hint of gappage in the back. Never. And, the length was absolutely perfect. I had tried them on at Urban Chic, and in the dressing room they provide these open-toed slip on heels (courtesy of Target; I know my stores!) for the ladies to test out jean length. The inseam length was just…there are no words. That day I didn’t buy the jeans because I wanted them in a different wash (in the wash that’s in the picture; the pair that I tried on were much darker), which they had in much smaller size, but it was great to discover a new pair of jeans that fit like the proverbial glove.

Another pair of jeans that I recently discovered are PZI Jeans. They are designed with the black woman in mind. Actually, they are designed with the bum of the black woman in mind. I have yet to try them, but I’ve heard good things about them. They’re about half the price of Joe’s Jeans, too, so that’s a plus.

But, I’m quite happy now. My denim search is no longer demoralizing.

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