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Express has one of its usual deals going: $30 off a $75 purchase; or $15 off a $30 purchase. The online code is 4325. Promotion ends October 25, 2009.

Piperlime is having a 30% off sale on boots, pumps, flats, sneakers, and handbags. Sale ends October 25, 2009.

50% off all Martin + Osa outerwear, for both men and women. Sale ends October 25, 2009‘s “Share the Love” deal. $10 off any purchase of $49. Coupon code: SHARELUV. Deal ends October 26, 2009.


The Cannes Film Festival officially began last week, and in honor of the locale–Cannes is between Nice and St. Tropez in the South of France–let’s take a look at some great fashionable wear for the beach. Whether the goal is to hit up the local boardwalk or to take a trip to Miami, you still want to look great. After all, you don’t have to go to Cannes to still look styling.

Courtesy of Polyvore (my new fixation), I created a fashion spread of beach items for my imaginary magazine, notes on style.

1. Asha Couture, White Maillot, $158,
2. Chloe One-piece bandeau swimsuit, $255,
3. Snake Gadiator, $25,
4. Solid Ruffle Shift, $48,
5. Everything But Water, $68,
6. Miu Miu gold gladiator sandals, £245 (~ $483 USD),
7. Everything But Water, $68,
8. ‘Mandy’ Vintage Sunglasses, $13,
9. Aviator Sunglasses, $14.99,

Check it: Polyvore

I will admit that I have associated the name Shoshanna Lonstein (Gruss) with Jerry Seinfeld. I recall her walking the red carpet as a seventeen-year-old high school senior accompanying her 40-something year old sitcom star boyfriend to the Emmy’s. Now, she has made a name for herself as a fashion designer. Her line embodies the image that I have of her: youthful, fun, and girly. In a little under two weeks, she will descend upon Washington, D.C.’s Georgetown boutique, Urban Chic, for a trunk show. The clothes that fashionable women in the metro area have to look forward to are from Shoshanna’s 2008 Spring line.


The good news about this trunk show is that buyers will get 15% off all merchandise in addition to receiving a free gift with their purchase of clothing from Shoshanna’s line.

April 24, 2008
Urban Chic Georgetown
1626 Wisconsin Avenue

Elie TahariI’ve always been prone to procrastination. I’m not quite sure why. I do know that I was born one week early, so maybe after that day, I decided, “Maybe I should take things slow?” And, boy, do I! Four days before Christmas, and I have just begun my holiday shopping. Not to worry, though; I finished it all in a matter of hours. And I managed to lavish myself with some gifts in the process. In a previous post, I mentioned that I was looking for boots. I found them! Two pairs! And one of them was for a steal.

I decided to make my way to DSW in Bethesda. I like that store better because it has two levels, which means more inventory. While looking for shoes and/or boots for my sisters, I snooped around looking for things for myself (because what fun is Christmas shopping if you can’t buy yourself a gift?). What I discovered was a pair of kick-ass Elie Tahari knee high bootsMe and my Taharis tucked away on the clearance rack in the size seven section. I wear a size nine. However, knowing how chaotic the clearance section at DSW can be, I took the chance. The boots–design name, Kat– were not a size seven! They weren’t a size nine, either, but rather a ten. I sighed. Then I decided to see what the clearance price was. These boots were $220 and the sticker was yellow. I looked up at one of the many signs that are perched atop the clearance racks, the signs which decode what each color sticker means. There was an explanation about what a red sticker meant; about what a green sticker meant; about what a purple sticker meant; and about what a blue sticker meant. Nothing about a yellow sticker, though. I peeked at the price again, and saw that around the periphery of the sticker was the answer I had been looking for: 80% off. I walked away having paid $44 for designer boots.

Nine West

In addition to those boots, I snagged a pair of Nine West ankle boots for half off. They fit like a glove, and I love the fact that they’re steel gray and suede. Plus, the heel height–three inches–is just right.

At Express, I also bought a pair of wide-leg jeans for 30% off.

Express jeans


Merry Christmas to me!

On Saturday, I did what I had The hill of clothesbeen putting off for months–I cleaned out my closet. What I thought would initially take an hour to do turned into a five hour ordeal not helped by the fact that I had my Salsa Mix blasting on the iTunes. Every so often, after emptying one dresser drawer, I’d get up and dance for a bit…or simply sit between the piles of clothes on either side of me, one that was the “Go away!” pile, the other the “Keeper!” pile. What brought on this Fall cleaning was that in the most recent weeks, I had been unable to put away any freshly laundered clothes. I had clothes popping out of the drawer, which prevented me from adding anything new to the mix. My closet was another story. For a number of years I have watched the shiny chrome bar sag beneath the weight of pants, skirts, sweaters, blouses, and coats, all dangling from all manners of hangers.

It was due to great necessity that I went through and tossed what I had forgotten that I owned. Some things I did keep. I re-discovered a pair of black ankle-length straight leg dress pants that have a very Audrey Hepburn vibe. They’re my own version of a cigarette pant. Half of my clothing did find new homes among the closets and drawers of my two younger sisters. One (wo)man’s trash and all that.

Today, I went out and purchased three new articles of clothing. Because my birthday is on Thursday, an aunt bought a gift card to New YChinese Laundry heelsork & Co. for me. I’m not one who shops there on any kind of regular basis. In fact, I only see the inside of the store once a year. I’ll let you guess when that is. The gift card was for $50, and I assumed that I would be able to purchase one top. As it turns out, there’s some great promotion going on. I was able to walk away with a deep V-neck ballet-inspired wrap-like (without the wrap) top in cyan for $9.99; a pair of straight leg jeans for $24.95; and a pair of midnight blue cotton pedal pushers that hit my leg just below the knee for $7.49 (after a 70% reduction from the already reduced $24.99 tag). I’ve already got plans for those pedal pushers.Chinese Laundry heels My strappy gold Chinese Laundry heels (purchased a couple summers back) look nice with them.

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