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The Cannes Film Festival officially began last week, and in honor of the locale–Cannes is between Nice and St. Tropez in the South of France–let’s take a look at some great fashionable wear for the beach. Whether the goal is to hit up the local boardwalk or to take a trip to Miami, you still want to look great. After all, you don’t have to go to Cannes to still look styling.

Courtesy of Polyvore (my new fixation), I created a fashion spread of beach items for my imaginary magazine, notes on style.

1. Asha Couture, White Maillot, $158,
2. Chloe One-piece bandeau swimsuit, $255,
3. Snake Gadiator, $25,
4. Solid Ruffle Shift, $48,
5. Everything But Water, $68,
6. Miu Miu gold gladiator sandals, £245 (~ $483 USD),
7. Everything But Water, $68,
8. ‘Mandy’ Vintage Sunglasses, $13,
9. Aviator Sunglasses, $14.99,

Check it: Polyvore

Well, you may not be the bride. In fact, you may not even be in the wedding party. That does not mean, however, that you should forgo looking as fabulous as you possibly can during wedding season because yes, wedding season is upon us. The obvious advice is to stay away from the color white; leave the wedding day drama at bay, please. There are other looks that are great for viewing the exchange of vows, and they vary as much as a wedding theme varies.

For an evening wedding, several designers offer a glam look for the fashionista guest:
Banana RepublicJ. CrewLes Prairies de Paris

1. Banana Republic, $175,
2. J. Crew, $250,
3. Les Prairies de Paris, $495,

A garden wedding is a great time to try some muted tones or an eye-popping hue:

Catherine MalandrinoThread SocialJill Stuart

1. Catherine Malandrino, $395,
2. Thread Social, $644,
3. Jill Stuart, $578,

If at the beach, fabrics that flow as the breeze blows are a great idea:
ABS by Allen SchwartzBanana RepublicExpress

1. ABS by Allen Schwartz, $306,
2. Banana Republic, $130,
3. Express, $79.50,

That’s what the fashion world has said when it comes to this summer’s footwear. The temperature outdoors is rising, and for that very reason the theme is “less is more.”

In the case of fashion for the feet, the gladiator style sandal–very Roman, very minimalist–mimics that theme of very little. However, don’t forget that while there isn’t much leather to go around when it comes to the gladiator sandal, the sandal does bare much of the foot.

Pedicures are more important now than ever!

1. Via Spiga, $165,
2. L.A.M.B, $325,,
3. Gladiator sandals, $78,
4. Matt Bernson, $170,
5. Cocobelle, $98,
6. Steve Madden, $79.95,

One of the best things about fashion (at least for me) is learning about new designers. New, in this sense, can mean just starting out or new to me. In either case, I find that I get a small rush of excitement as I’m viewing what the designers of a particular new line have created. This happens often when I visit a site like Unsung ( My mouth is agape after viewing the dramatic jewelry from Couture Saboteur.

In all its boldness there is still softness to the shapes of the numerous pendants. I like that in fashion. Go for bold, but stay chic and feminine.

It is why I’ve now fallen for Dolley Clothing. The pieces in Dolley Levan’s collection are simply beautiful and stylish. There’s no secret that I enjoy French fashion, and Dolley Clothing is great representation of what many consider elusive French chic.

“Although some would call his designs outrageous, London-born designer Alexander McQueen has garnered attention for many years due to his ability to create clothing that is original and innovative.”

–from a paper titled “Notes on Style” that I wrote three and a half years ago during my graduate study.

The opinion remains. There are many designers whose works I admire, however Alexander McQueen’s name is usually at the forefront if I’m asked who some of my favorite designers are. In my everyday life, when I think about clothing that I would wear, I’m more drawn to the Catherine Malandrino/Diane Von Furstenberg/Martin Grant aesthetic. From an artistic stand point, from a visionary standpoint, though, I adore and appreciate Alexander McQueen’s artful beauty.

His collections veer into the whimsical, which I enjoy. And what holds them together is the careful construction of each piece; a close attention to some detail, whether it’s the precise cut-outs in a stiletto or the swooping curves of a tall hat. Everything is crafted to tell a story, and what a great storyteller he is.

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